Home again

so happy to be home
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Cate and I are both so glad to be home. Traveling with a baby, particularly by yourself, is quite the adventure.

Once I check my luggage, the car seat, the car seat base, and the bumbo (it fits inside the carseat) through, I still have to go through security with a diaper bag, my purse, the stroller, and Cate while taking off my shoes and keeping my boarding pass handy. I am resourceful but I cannot hold Cate and lift the stroller up on to the belt to go through the x-ray. You’d think someone would offer to help, you know, the woman to my left or the man to my right. But they usually don’t and I have to beg. On my flight from Ontario to Portland we sat by a woman WHO DID NOT LIKE CHILDREN. And Cate is mildly freaking out, kicking around, draping herself all over this woman. Good times. And a two hour flight that feels like six hours.

We missed Daddy (and let me say this: I never thought I would be one of those people who called my husband DADDY) and Henry. We are settled in again and on the weekend agenda: Telfer and Chris go to NYC to find an apartment and Mendy comes to visit Cate and me in Redlands!

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One thought on “Home again

  1. that woman will probably spend an extra-long time in purgatory. or go through her life without knowing knowing cate. poor old sop.


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