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Last week was beautiful here in Olympia. I almost thought summer was here. Cate had a brief photography moment where she was taking my picture, directing my expressions. Here's one of the better examples:
Nothing says summer like saltwater sandals on little girls. Purple + pink.
And then last weekend I had an epic Sunday. Sherry and I did the Capital City Half Marathon. Sherry had to basically kick my butt to sign up and I complained and complained but then had a fabulous time although there are no pictures of the event. It rained the entire race and I kind of loved everything about it. And then I walked home from the finish, took a quick shower, and drove to Seattle to meet my former colleagues at Loma Linda for lunch. They are in town for a meeting. So fun to catch up and see all of their dear, familiar faces.
And then this week has just rained rather continuously. Yesterday, to be honest, was a horrendous day with a certain 3-year-old. I told Telfer last night that I was raising a wild, wild animal and it just is not going to end well. A good night's sleep ensued for both a certain child and her mother and today was much better.
This is Cate from this afternoon, a one-girl band. A drum, a morocco/drumstick and a kazoo. After I took the picture I was instructed to take up my tambourine and sing and walk in circles. I did so until I angled to play my favorite game: put mama to bed (I get to recline on the couch and get put to bed – so, so nice).
A couple of my favorite things of the moment. This was a Pinterest/Etsy find and I just framed it this morning (oh! Peonies are at Costco btw). I pray the fruits of the spirit every single day, so this was a timely, lovely piece.

I also love baker's twine and ordered a sample pack from this etsy shop. If I wrap a present for you during the next three years, you can almost certainly expect some baker's twine. It will be very pretty.

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3 thoughts on “Around here

  1. I need RaChelle to kick me in gear on the next race…love the Fruits of the Spirit and peonies. I’ve been looking everywhere for them!


  2. Love everything about this post…esp. the nonchalant “oh sherry and i just ran a 1/2 marathon” piece 🙂


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