My Sweet Henry

photo-3 copyWhen you love a dog they become part of your personal history and your family history and for better or worse become more beloved than most people. Especially in Telfer’s training years, Henry was my main companion and friend but even now, with two girls and another puppy, Henry and I were very connected. I love this dog. Henry hasn’t been feeling well for about a month and I took him in last week — the x-rays showed he was full of cancer. It happened so fast. We spent the last few days cuddling and eating bacon and chicken and chocolate chip cookies (why not?). But then last night he stopped eating and this morning he couldn’t go down the stairs. I had to let him go today and I am so sad.

Last week I went through our 4000+ pictures on flickr and put my favorite Henry pictures over the years into a set. He was such a very good boy.

Published by Andrea Y. Griffith

owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

6 thoughts on “My Sweet Henry

  1. Anna shared the news before I read your blog …. oh my, I was shocked and saddened. My heart hurts for you and the family. Henry was a special companion and friend to many.


  2. The pictures are a great tribute and, for me, memory stimulant of how good a boy he was and how many memories we shared.


  3. Oh my gosh Andrea… I am sorry to admit I don’t follow your blog so I hadn’t seen this post… I just decided to check in on you and didn’t see Henry’s name… oh no I thought… Where’s Henry?? I loved Henry… yes, what a good boy… so I did a search for his name in your blog search box… and found this post… Wow… this just happened a couple of weeks ago. I was so looking forward to you and Henry coming up and walking around my favorite lake with me. I’m sorry we didn’t get to do that last year. Henry was a very very good boy… a gentle and kind soul… something very special about him… I’m very sorry Andrea… this is so hard….


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