My name is Andrea Y. Griffith and I’m the owner of Browsers Bookshop, an independent bookstore in downtown Olympia, WA since 1935. In 2014, I became the fourth female owner of the store. I married my husband Telfer in 2001 and we have two middle school daughters: Cate is an 8th grader and Jane is a 6th grader. Annie the Labradoodle is also an important part of the family.

I am a former medical librarian and a true book nerd. Case in point: every book I’ve read since 2001.

I started blogging in 2004 before blogs were a thing, and now that they’re no longer much of a thing, I still pay to keep my blog going although I don’t really post much. In 2023, I started an every-other-week personal newsletter called Mostly Books where I write about books and reading and what I’m noticing.