Rachelle’s Visit

This post is a little on the late side, but my dearest friend RaChelle came to visit me last weekend. At the Ontario aiport, incoming passengers come down an escalator…so when I first glimpsed RaChelle, we realized we were literally wearing the exact same color and style of pink blazer. We used to do this a lot in college – wear very similar things without planning it, but this topped the cake.

RaChelle’s husband, Paul, was gracious enough to let his wife come visit me by herself for the weekend. He was a little worried about the California freeways, but as always, I am a splendid driver (?). We literally talked nonstop for 2.5 days – God has blessed me with such a good friend. I don’t have a lot of girlfriends in California and the chance to spend time alone with RaChelle was a needed and wonderful time. Of course, RaChelle enjoyed the roaring trains next to our apartment. We went to SeaWorld to see Shamu on Saturday and dinner at Buca di Beppo’s (a really wonderful Italian restaurant) that night. Of course we had time to find a few things at the Gap…Sunday we went to church, I showed her my office, and we did a little more shopping… The only bad part of the weekend came when RaChelle’s flight was delayed and she got home at 12:30 a.m. – just in time for Homecoming and Spirit Week! (She is a teacher/ASB advisor for a high school).

I put more photos from the weekend in a separate photo album, “RaChelle’s Visit.”

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One thought on “Rachelle’s Visit

  1. I too am responding late to my rendevouz in California with my dearest friend Andrea “the reference librarian” Griffith. This “new” nickname for her stems from the LA Times article that I was reading while sitting on the floor of the CUTEST apartment in the world on Sunday morning (the Griffiths). There was a man on the front cover who was starting a hunger strike until Ralph Nader is put on the ballot in California. Anyway, he had changed his name to Bob “the peace activist” Smith (or something ridiculous like this). Based on our previous experience in SeaWorld I decided that I could be RaChelle “Shamu” Hendricks. Those of you reading this may now be wondering where Andrea found such a creative friend, well Nampa, Idaho of course (by way of Vancouver, WA). My weekend with Andrea was wonderful – it could not have been better (except maybe for the flight delay)! As she said we talked non-stop, laughed, drank coffee, talked about “someday”, shopped,looked at our freshmen yearbook, and squealed at the dolphins in SeaWorld. But the best part was just being with her. We figured it hadn’t been “just the two of us” since our college days (4 years). Thank you to our wonderful husbands for making this work! Thank you to my friend Andrea for being such a gracious hostess and amazing friend.:-)


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