Thanksgiving Roundup

Imgp0136_3Roundup seems fitting as we were in IDAHO for Thanksgiving and NNU’s Homecoming Weekend.  What a wonderful time with friends and family.  Among the highlights of the trip:

Driving from California to Nampa – surprisingly scenic! Bishop and Winnemucca are the biggest cities along the way.

  • Hey, I CAN cook Thanksgiving dinner – really, it was no big deal.  The turkey recipe was higher maintenance than it needed to be…do you really need to baste a turkey with maple syrup mixture every 30 minutes? I think not.
  • Bob. Telfer and I love Bob. James Bond was played in excessive amount and T. & B. felt transported back to senior year of college.  Bob’s house is homey and well-decorated – we were truly impressed.
  • Anna. What a wonderful, kind friend I have: we chatted, we spent the night at Anna’s house, we ate Beanery with Kori and Andy (good ole’ cheddar veg and turkey muffeletta), we drank coffee, we played with the incredibly cute (and wild) Eloise (Anna’s puppy that I met for the very first time) and discussed the various merits of in-shower lotion. 
  • Claire: A very nice picture of Princess Claire is showcased on this post.  Claire is loving NNU and being around her reminds Telfer and me that we are OLD.  Thanksgiving-night Claire and her cute friends came over to Bob’s and tired us all out – "but curfew doesn’t end until 2 AM!"
  • Mendy: what’s not to love about Mendy?
  • Kathy Burns: chatting with our favorite R.D.
  • Visiting with my Aunt Brenda and Uncle Mel and Charisa, Chelsea and Callie.  3.5 years is too long!

There are a few more pictures in the "Telfer & Andrea" photo album. 

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owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

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