We are alive!

Well, for some reason I have been in a 2005 writing-in-the-blog dry spell… I am planning to do some retroactive posts – because I know everyone really wants to know the details/see the pictures of our New Year’s at the Young house, our trip to New York in January and our visit with Robert & Rose a few weeks ago. 

We have had a rainy, wet "winter" down here – it’s been rather fun, but Telfer and I both are just a little ready for summer. It’s like 75 today and I must admit, that if I was still in school (you can’t really do this when you have a real job), I would have ditched my afternoon classes and headed to the pool. Big confession.

Telfer’s fourth year of medical school is wrapping up quickly.  He has two more weeks of neurology and then a bunch of piddly little rotations with not much to do…we’ll have to see what I can find for him to fill his time productively (as I have had buyer’s remorse with the XBox lately…).  Mostly kidding.

There are several parties honoring his senior class in the next couple of months – we are off to one this evening in Palm Springs.  Not too shabby…even if I have a sneaking suspician the fare will be meat-free and caffeine-free….

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owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

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