Painting Fools

AndreapaintingTelfer and I are so done painting the kitchen. After washing, sanding, priming and now painting two thick coats of white and "Vintage Kitchen" (thank you Martha Stewart) on the walls, molding, and cabinets we are calling it a day. In some lights I catch a glimpse of pepto-bismol pink on the very shiny molding…so maybe one more coat…in a couple of months.

Our new appliances arrived on Thursday – and I am in heaven. I was not exactly sorry to see the "vintage" (as Telfer likes to call it) green Frigidaire loaded up by the Lowe’s guys. Yesterday (Sunday) was monumental – not only did we have a real dinner in our kitchen (with dishes and real forks) BUT we unpacked our first box. Big deal in the Griffith house.

Imgp0367This picture is an "in-between" type of image. Not before, not after. The cabinets haven’t been painted at this point and there is still some additions to make to the decor (obviously) – BUT, just LOOK at that refrigerator and stove! Shiny!

Telfer is hanging all sorts of things today – lights, over-the-range microwave, a clock, a magnet board. After painting for days, going to work this morning felt relaxing. I am showered, dressed in paintless clothing, and sitting down. Not too bad.

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owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

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