Hanging out with the ‘rents

Well, I can honestly say that last week was the longest amount of time I have spent with my parents alone since before Alyssa was born – so from August 17, 1978 to March 4, 1980. We had a really good time! We vacationed at Eagle Crest, in Bend, Oregon, which is only about 30 minutes from Prineville, where Alyssa, Nate, Eden & Cora live. Elizabeth is taking 20 credits this summer to finish up her AA so she couldn’t come…sad. Among the highlights of the week:

Imgp0512Imgp0510Imgp0470Hanging out with my neices and Alyssa and Nate – this was the first time I met Cora (who is 3 months old) – she is very cute! Eden is 2 and a bit and likes to read books and say things like "little blueberry" and when she heard the word Telfer, she would wrinkle her face and say, "stinks" because she heard Alyssa say that it stinks that Uncle Telfer couldn’t come because he was working at the hospital. Too funny. This was also the first time I visited their new house – it’s so fun to see where people live. Pictures: Mom reading to Eden and me feeding Cora a bottle, Eden at the pool.

My parent’s 30th anniversary was on Tuesday! That’s a long time to be married! My parents marked the day by going on an eventful canoeing trip – they are very adventurous in their fifties. Mom, Dad, Nate, and I also spent a day at Crater Lake hiking about and taking a very hot, but very scenic boat tour – very fun.

I have had some difficulties with my pictures – but here’s a couple of more. 1. The McMullan family. 2. Crater Lake. 3. Mom & Dad hiking at Crater Lake. 4. Andrea & Alyssa 5. Crater Lake


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One thought on “Hanging out with the ‘rents

  1. Andrea, I am glad to hear you’ve been having a good time with family. I love the Bend area– and lived two years of my life there. I heard you’ll be in Idaho in August? I believe we’ll be there at the same time. I look forward to connecting with you. Telfer, hope all is going well!


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