Idaho: Trip 1 of 2

I meant to post all of these pictures last week, but we had a *crazy* week in which I was very busy but did not get anything done. You know how it is. So, here are some of my pictures of my first trip to Idaho (the August trip – we’ll call it). I theoretically came to Idaho for Missy and Jason’s wedding but my trip soon morphed into RaChelle coming as well with an additional bridal shower for Kori and a baby shower for Bliss. Quite the busy weekend. I am not 19 anymore. Staying up till three in the morning is not for me – now that I am in my “late twenties” – it took all of last week for me to feel normal again. Unfortunately, my cute husband could not come…he can’t exactly take vacation as of yet.

Imgp0527Imgp0526Pict0070_1Missy’s wedding was beautiful – the wedding was at the 1st Baptist Church in Boise and the reception was at her parent’s house in Meridian. Very special to see Missy get married to Jason – they are perfect for one another! Also great to reconnect with friends from college – we had a raging party at Bob’s house afterwards where I ate a lot of Reese’s Pieces and enjoyed talking to friends we don’t get to see very much anymore… Good memories of college!
Picture 1: Missy the Bride and Andrea * Picture 2: Krystal, John, Dawn, Missy the Bride, Andrea, Bob, Amanda, Kristy and Becca * Picture 3: Everyone from Picture 2 + Bliss, Nate, Ben, RaChelle, Anna, Kori, and Nikki.

Saturday was designated the shower day. First, we had Bliss’ baby shower for the little bean (the baby’s name until she gets her true name) at Kristy’s house. Anna and Kristy hosted a very nice little shower with lots of good food to eat. Melissa got a lot of cute baby presents and we had a great time. Unfortunately, my camera had no batteries at this point.

Shower2Shower1_2Shower3Then came Kori’s shower. I’ll spare you all the details, but RaChelle and I had lots of fun thinking up great things for Kori to do in preparation for her wedding. She got lots of great little outfits and related paraphernalia.
Picture 1: Kori the Bride * Picture 2: Anna & Bliss * Picture 3: Julie & RaChelle

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2 thoughts on “Idaho: Trip 1 of 2

  1. Andrea,
    Thanks for the posts on Idaho– it was so good to see you there! I really enjoyed my time with everyone. However, it made me a bit homesick for the west coast. I look forward to the next “reunion” … Happy belated birthday too!


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