Mr. and Mrs. Andy & Kori Frahm

Kori and Andy are officially married (as of September 3 – I am a slacker)! What a wonderful wedding! I have never been to a more simple yet more beautiful wedding. Held at Kori’s parent’s house in Nampa, the wedding and reception were outside – we had a wonderful time getting Kori hitched. Unfortunately, I have very few pictures of the bride and groom on their wedding day as we were a little busy walking down the aisle in our flip flops (RaChelle, don’t laugh).

Picture 1: Anna, RaChelle, Andrea & Kori at the rehearsal. Picture 2: The blushing, beautiful bride, RaChelle, Anna, Andrea. Picture 3: RaChelle, the cutest -pregnant-girl-ever, Melissa, Andrea (she with the terrible tan lines). Picture 4: The BMs 5: Nate & Bliss at the receptionImgp0569Imgp0577Imgp0587Imgp0588Imgp0590

Published by Andrea Y. Griffith

owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

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