Sidney Bristow has nothing on us.

Imgp0603Basically, we think we are so funny. RaChelle and I were tasked with making a sign for the wedding – so the guests wouldn’t drive right past the Schmidt property. We made the staid, proper sign, "Schmidt-Frahm Wedding," but as day turned into night, we felt the sign should be repurposed for a new event: The Wedding Night (hence, Schmidt-Frahm Wedding NIGHT). Stealthily, we crept upon the newlywed’s lair and left the sign in the front yard. RaChelle skillfully placed the package in the proper spot, I documented the occasion, and Anna drove the getaway vehicle.

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Andrea Y. Griffith

owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother of two sweet girls. george's devoted owner.

3 thoughts on “Sidney Bristow has nothing on us.

  1. Are you sure that is me? I look like a woman on a mission (that was a stressful moment when I was not sure if the sign would go in the ground)!
    Thanks for always being willing to be my accomplice Andrea. Love you.


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