Christmas 2005

Our trip up to Washington for Christmas was great fun. We drove this year, leaving at 3:30 in the morning  and finally arriving in Richland at about 10:00 p.m. We trade drivers and listen raptly to audio (well, now, digital) books – we listened to Memoirs of a Geisha, The Traveler (really dumb I thought), and A Christmas Carol (sublime). 
Christmas at Mom & Dad’s was wonderful. Alyssa and Nate’s little girls make Christmas even more special. Eden actually knew it was Christmas this year and her excitement was infectious. On Christmas Eve, we attended the service at my parent’s church and witnessed/helped in Eric’s proposal to Elizabeth (the wedding is March 25!). On Christmas morning we ate our traditional Norwegian Christmas breakfast and spent the day hanging out and watching the girls.

At the end of our trip (it was a little shorter than in the past – but we are so thankful Telfer had ANY time off), we drove to Olympia to spend a day+ with Telfer’s family. Although Eleanor and Burton and Tracie were noticeably absent, we still had a good time with the fam. We went to see King Kong and luckily I had Claire next to me because it was scary!

Pictures 1: Eden opening presents with Auntie Andrea. Picture 2: Alyssa and Cora on Christmas Morning. Picture 3: Uncle Telfer and Eden. Picture 4: Eden opening Elmo-goodies. Picture 5: Elizabeth & Eric
Imgp0785. Picture 5: Chris & Mendy. Picture 7: Trees on Snoqualmie Pass.
Imgp0821 Imgp0810

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3 thoughts on “Christmas 2005

  1. Everyone looks great! The girls are too cute…I just got Alyssa’s Christmas card today and they are just adorable! Are those scrubs that Dr. Griffith is wearing?
    Yeah for Christmas in Washington!


  2. I don’t see Eden screaming in your presence? Very cute. Look at her long, blonde, curly hair! Can’t imagine Alyssa will cut that any time soon. 🙂 Glad you made it home safe. It was really good to see you guys. xoxo


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