The Wedding

Well, Elizabeth is now Elizabeth Henry and all of the Young girls are married off! Score for Rose and Robert. We are so happy to have Eric in the family. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and Telfer and I were honored to be there. We have had major digital camera issues (the new one from Costco will be arriving this week) so RaChelle was our official photographer. I will write more later and link to more pictures. I still don’t have a good one of the bride and groom (especially sad as they are the whole point of the event).

Picture 1: Dad & the bride. Picture 2: Andrea and Alyssa with the Mother of the Bride. Picture 3: Grandma Rose and Eden. Picture 4: Andrea & RaChelle at the reception. Picture 5: Telfer and Eden.

Momeden_1 Andrearachelle_1

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One thought on “The Wedding

  1. Hey! Thanks for the pictures from the wedding. I had already talked to Alyssa about it, but it is nice to see everyone. Love the dresses…..still wish we could have been there:(


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