Our relaxing weekend

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I am not sure what we were smoking when we decided we wanted to lay white tile in our kitchen last spring. But let it be known, RaChelle warned me and I chose not to listen. Verbatim reasoning: "But I like white floors."

For the last year we have taken our shoes off before we go into the kitchen and we (let’s face it, I) have spent an inordinate amount of time on hands and knees cleaning. I have even been known to get take out or pizza on the night we clean – just to have a couple hours with my clean floor. SO, last weekend we decided to rip up the tile floor and have Redlands Floorhouse lay hardwood that will eventually match the rest of our floors. Picture: Telfer is poised to begin.

  tile queen 
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Cracking up the tile was actually pretty fun (Dad, notice I am wearing protective eye wear).

  Not fun 
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The backerboard layer wasn’t too bad either – lots of screws and dust.

And then came the devil linoleum layer This picture on the right is me at the low point.

We finally quit at 8:30 on Sunday night, having pulled up only 15 or 20% of the linoleum. And then, on Monday morning, poor Telfer had to watch the floor guys BRING IN old linoleum to GLUE in the sections we did pull up. Apparently, all our work was for naught BUT the good news is that the floor is down and next Monday, they will be coming back to sand and finish (it needs time to "settle"). More (happy) pictures soon.

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2 thoughts on “Our relaxing weekend

  1. What a project! I feel as if I’ve been stalking your blog in recent days, but I just knew there had to be an update coming. Glad to hear all is well! Miss you guys.


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