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It’s probably not that normal to take a day off of work to visit a cupcake shop in Beverly Hills called Sprinkles, but that’s exactly what I did yesterday. Two other good reasons: 1. Telfer had the day off and we needed to spend some "quality time" together and 2. Burton (home from Iraq for two weeks) and Tracie were in town!

  cutest cupcakes 
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  double chocolate 
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  chocolate coconut 
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  what happened? 
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owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

4 thoughts on “Sprinkles

  1. Hi Andrea and Telfer! I enjoyed looking at all your new pics and reading about what’s going on with you two! I have to say, taking a day off to go to Sprinkles the donut shop in Hollywood sounds perfectly reasonable to me! Confections are a blessing from God and should be given higher priority in everyone’s lives. 🙂 Well, We are getting ready to move home to Portland in about 6 weeks and are getting really excited! Boise is fabulous but not home, though the weather is certainly superior. Anyway, just wanted to say hi–take care!


  2. You guys are too funny. And yes, I do think that is a perfectly good reason to take a day off. Hope that it was great!
    I haven’t forgotten the Swiss Onion Soup recipe. I’ll get it to you soon, I promise!


  3. Hi best friend. I would like to comment on a couple things. 1) The cupcakes look very yummy, although I am not a coconut fan (only when it is crispy) so I would definitely prefer the chocolate. 2) You look like the best librarian ever. 3) Are those roses grown in the Griffith garden that I see on the dining room table? Beautiful.
    Love you and miss you.


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