An Idahoan Thanksgiving

  After dinner @ Kori & Andy’s 
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The long-awaited Idaho Thanksgiving was a smashing success…Telfer and I had a great time and unlike most of our fellow travelers, had a pretty smooth trip overall (it helps when your flight leaves at 6:00 a.m.!)

RaChelle has already posted about our trip and so some of this will be overlap, but here are some of my favorite bits and pieces:

1. Getting there before everyone else! Anna and I had a great day on Wednesday puttering about town and meeting Bliss for breakfast – who else wants to go to the NNU Library book sale but the two of us? And hi, Nampa has an Old Navy now…which I am actually very jealous over (our closest ON is in a very large, circuitous outlet mall).

2. Fondurkey? RaChelle, Paul, Anna, Telfer and I enjoyed fondue (cheese, meat, and chocolate) on Thanksgiving.

3. Class of 2001 luncheon: The food (provided by the campus dining hall) reminded me why I ate cereal and turkey sandwiches for four years BUT the company and seeing good friends more than made up for drippy Caesar salad. Moving along…

4. Thanksgiving Dinner at Kori and Andy’s…maybe it’s because we ate on the day after Thanksgiving but everything tasted better than usual on the SImplot table at Kori & Andy’s house.

5. Book Club with Missy. Continuing our English-major nerdiness, Missy and I read Tess of the d’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy before our reunion and met on Saturday morning to talk about books and life.

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2 thoughts on “An Idahoan Thanksgiving

  1. Hi – here’s to random pictures taken on our cameras by our HUSBANDS…seriously, they are not allowed use of the camera when we are not looking. Love the picture of Paul and I at the luncheon – how many chins do we each have??!! Scarey. Must have been the angle…:->. Love you!! I was spoiled seeing you for a whole weekend!


  2. It was SO good to see you both in Idaho. What a special treat to connect with members of our class. I look forward to a California reunion! Telfer, good to see your reading list change!


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