Cruising into 2007

view from our room
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Couldn’t resist the terribly nerdy title. So, we went on a 7-day Mexican cruise with Holland America in early January…We had a few reservations about cruising; unbidden images of old people stuffing their faces with the endless amounts of fatty food (totally mean, I know, but you have had the same thoughts, admit it)…

BUT, we had a wonderful time. The ship was nice. Our room was well-decorated. The food was good. The portions were perfect. We didn’t gain weight. The weather was sublime (except for the last 2 days). We snorkeled. We had margaritas in Mexico. We read (in some cases, we read a lot). We slept well. We tried not to fall off of the treadmill while the ship was rocking quite a lot. Etc. Etc. More pictures on the right side – click on Flickr.

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