Henry, for one, is not impressed

New bathtub!
Originally uploaded by telfandrea.

Suddenly, after threatening to unleash the fury of the Better Business Bureau on the tub company, we started to see some results. "Mrs. Griffith, we apologize, we forgot to include the proper instructions for installing your system. Perhaps a discount on your purchase is in order?" Thanks, I’ll take it.

So, we now have a working shower, and believe me, we smell and look a whole lot better than last week. Classically, Telfer had the busiest week so far of his entire residency (we plan too well) and so we had to delay the actual installation of the shower until Saturday afternoon. We still have a lot to do with molding and painting and minor details (see more pictures on Flickr, like a door for the bathroom, but we are still quite happy. But for poor Henry, a working bathtub, pretty or otherwise, means he has to endure the unfortunate weekend bath.

Published by Andrea Y. Griffith

owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

One thought on “Henry, for one, is not impressed

  1. The bathroom renovation is impressive! If you all decide that the whole residency/library thing isn’t working out, how about coming eastward into the wilds of Texas for some downhome bathroom repairs?? We have no less than 2 leaking sinks (surrounded by warping hardwood floors – yes, tears are in order), etc. But your photos reveal that all home repairs do not meet with grievous ends (except for le pup, who now must bathe), so that is encouraging for us all. Hope you’re doing well! Julie


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