Mini Spring Break


last minute photo at starbucks
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I must say, I am looking forward to living in the Northwest again. My sisters and I converged  on our parent’s house in Richland for a long weekend, sans husbands, but neices were allowed. Eden and Cora are one year older since I saw them last (Elizabeth’s wedding) A lot happens in one year when you are almost four and almost two. The time felt very short but we had a good time. Highlights: seeing good friends from Bethel, blowing bubbles and hunting early easter eggs with Eden & Cora, getting pedicures with mom and my sisters, drinking coffee of course, eating amazing pulled pork tacos my mom made, lunching with Molly, going to a winery with my dad, celebrating Alyssa’s birthday with fancy cupcakes, and basically, just hanging out.

After a power Southwest flight (um, I get really tired of Southwest sometimes…have they heard of the direct flight concept?), I have been slightly depressed for the rest of the week…Sometimes it’s hard for me to balance hope for the future (one example: living closer to family) with the reality of the present (example: living  far from family) in a content-in-my-circumstances manner (all the while knowing that I am complaining for God’s gift of time and money to be able to see my family at all).

Completely unrelated: every time I go on a trip without Telfer,  I realize I am so not the photographer in our family. The pictures I do take are fine but I rarely remember to take them at all..

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4 thoughts on “Mini Spring Break

  1. This is so funny, Andrea. I saw Alyssa at school with Cora and Eden: they’re so cute. I remembered that you have a blog, but not the specifics. How did I get here? You’re linked to Becca’s blog: Becca, my cousin’s daughter-in-law. p.s. I have a book blog now.


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