April doings

$.10 yard sale mug
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I am not sure where April has gone…besides doing the obvious (work and work), I am trying to think of what we have been doing…April has been a good month, a bunch of little doings…

  • Yard-saling season is upon us. Telfer wasn’t too sure about these mugs but at  $.10 a piece he was willing to take the risk. I am picky about mugs and I can’t fathom drinking out of anything else at the moment. They are perfect.
  • Watched An Inconvenient Truth (highly recommend it…even if you think Michael Crichton is an expert on global warming..was telling myself I wouldn’t go there) and proudly vowed to reduce my carbon emissions to 0…and then Telfer reminded me that we would have to replace all of our windows to start with…hmm…i love our windows.
  • In love with the American version of the Office. On Season 2 now.
  • We are now on Goblet of Fire (book 4) for our Harry Potter Homework (I must say, I was skeptical that Telfer could keep up with the "schedule" but I take it all back.

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owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

6 thoughts on “April doings

  1. such a good choice with “the office.” i don’t think i ever loved tv before i met it. and jim. and pam. we got dvr just because i have class on thursday nights.
    speaking of class, am very excited that next week is the last week, which means i can catch up on my harry potter homework. i read hp1 on the way home from london…shouldn’t be too hard…


  2. Just added the recipe to my favorites…I have never handled a raw, whole chicken – I am a little nervous – I might need to use latex gloves (seriously). Okay, I don’t know if I should admit this on the blog of my bf, but I have never read a Harry Potter book – BUT have managed to watch the movies. Paul and I just finished “Goblet of Fire” – it was a little scarier than the previous ones. Yikes!:-> XOXO


  3. Hee Hee… currently laughing out loud at flying M at how well I know my friends. I thought to myself, Rachelle will not be able to make this due to the raw chicken- then I read rachelle’s comments… too funny. I’ll add the contents to my grocery list.
    Andrea- just had to tell you that long ago you had a post on librarian perfume- which my mom got some of as a gift for library week from her collegues. It’s not too bad! Also thanks for the help on my homework- I got full credit.
    Miss you!


  4. Just a note: don’t worry RaChelle – i just add chicken pieces – like the bag of chicken tenders from Costco? You just add them frozen and then after like ten minutes cut them up with a pair of scissors and a fork…never have to touch them!


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