Good times in SF

Golden Gate
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So, I got back from conference 1 of 2 last night. Not only did I learn many, many good and useful things about the library catalog, but I spent quality time with Elizabeth. I stayed one night in her apartment (very cute) and then she spent a couple night in my hotel room in San Jose. We of course did very sisterly things: talked, shopped, ate (who knew lobster corn dogs existed? Thank you to Elizabeth’s family she nanny’s for!), and consumed copious amounts of coffee.  My favorite moment? Seeing a Crown Vic (our family/high school car/boat) racing down the freeway after Elizabeth picked me up at the airport.

Today I am frantically running around at work and home trying to get ready to leave in the morning for conference 2 of 2. This time around: Philadelphia. Good news: Telfer is coming AND we are celebrating our sixth anniversary for a few days after the conference.

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4 thoughts on “Good times in SF

  1. I am still laughing at the crown vic…brings back such good memories (like Christmas Eve when you let me drive). I am jealous that you got sisterly time without ME but have no hard feelings. When will we do a sister trip for ALL 3 of us??? Have a great trip! Love you lots.


  2. Speaking of your anniversay I seem to remember six giggling bridesmaids and one bride squeezing into the Vic for a certain bachlorette party:->.


  3. Six years! Sheesh! Congrats to you both and I wish you continued happiness together.
    Well, now that I see the other crown vic comments I have to add mine: You, me, and Liz driving through your neighborhood in the summer howling the song of the moment out the window. I wish I remembered what it was! Also – “making memories” with the Young family by squeezing in the back seat. 🙂


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