Shuffle Telfer’s iPod

Telfer was feeling left out of the fray and wanted to shuffle HIS iPod. Now, let it be said that he has the "big" iPod with all of the weird stuff – tons of Christmas stuff, etc. Here’s what happened when we shuffled Telfer’s iPod.

1. My Dear Country – Norah Jones
2. The Long Way Home – Mary Chapin Carpenter
3. Amazing Grace – Selah
4. Sway – the Perishers (from Veronica Mars Soundtrack)
5. Do You Hear What I Hear? Destiny’s Child (Christmas)
6. Long Time Coming – Delays (from Veronica Mars Soundtrack)
7. The Hardest Part – Coldplay
8. Goodbye is all We Have – Alison Krauss
9. The Trumpet Shall Sound – George Frideric Handel
10. Intuition – Feist
11. Gimme One Good Reason – Blink 182
12. Follow – Delirious
13. Deju Vu – Beyonce & Jay-Z
14. Eleanor Rigby – The Beatles
15. Breath of Heaven (Mary, Did You Know) – Amy Grant

We are doing this together on the couch and I risk getting smothered with a pillow, but my list is so much cooler. Poor guy, Breath of Heaven almost killed him. We persevered and maintained the integrity of the shuffle activity. (see note below)

Telfer’s Addendum: For the record it was Andrea who felt that "my ipod" was feeling left out of the current "shuffle craze" hence the above post purporting to be a random sample of what I listen to (note to self – take Christmas songs off ipod until December and consider downsizing number of female artists – in a good way?!) 

Published by Andrea Y. Griffith

owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

4 thoughts on “Shuffle Telfer’s iPod

  1. Oh come on, Telfer … you wanted to play too. I just know it! Interesting selection of songs — you must have a lot of Christmas music on there. 🙂 Hope your test went well!


  2. How is that Amy Grant working for you T? Seriously, Andrea kicked your butt at this. …
    I do respect your integrity on actually including all the songs that came up on your list. Nice work. 😉


  3. I’m impressed with your eclectic mix – perhaps you should bring the ipod and shuffle at my wedding for the dance . . . nothing like a little Amy Grant to spice things up . . .


  4. Bob – I’ll plan to bring the ipod along to your wedding (which we are excited about) but I will not hold it against you if the decision is made to hold off on playing amy grant and christmas music in general at the reception!
    JR – thanks for respecting the integrity. I guess since the list couldn’t be much sadder you just have to know that I included all 15 songs honestly 🙂


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