Cool Britannia

Andrea and I went to the Hollywood Bowl last night – it is definitely one of our favorite SoCal institutions and one we will be sad to say goodbye to whenever we eventually leave the area.  "Cool Britannia" was the theme and the highlight was an arrangement of 5 James Bond themes performed by the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra aka LA Philharmonic.  So great – made me want to watch all the Bond movies again (in order of course and preferably in rapid succession). Also reminded me of playing 007 aka Goldeneye on Nintendo 64 with Bob in college – I played this classic game with others of course but only he and I would go so far as to hum/sing/holler the theme music (just for you Bob: bwa – da – bada – ba – da – da……). Speaking of video games – while my playing hours have declined sharply to nearly zero (mostly due to declining interest), my medical school era game addiction was/is HALO and the third installment is anticipated later this year but will only be playable on a new game system (Microsoft X-Box 360) which begs the question: will I be purchasing an X-Box 360 just so I can play the new Halo game?

Published by Andrea Y. Griffith

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2 thoughts on “Cool Britannia

  1. bwa – da – bada – ba – da – da – right back at you (please note that the last “da” is in the uppermost register of your hollering voice – and typically slightly flat on pitch – for proper musical interpretation)


  2. Declined to zero?! Oh the pain. I am doing a three month rotation in Boston and with Angel not here my video gaming is back on, baby! I am forced to deal with the same issues- when Gran Turismo 5 comes out for PS3, what will I do?


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