Post-Harry Blues

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I am feeling more than a little bereft over finishing Harry Potter. Book 7 is everything I hoped for (in a very general sort of way – no specifics as Telfer will not appreciate them).

How I am Coping:

  1. My Harry Potter books needed owl bookends. The books looked so lonely without bookends propping them up on the overcrowded shelf. A trip to Barnes and Noble.
  2. Called Alyssa (who isn’t a fan) and wept a bit about feeling like a parent to Harry. I don’t think she was impressed.
  3. Set up a Harry phone date with Missy for tomorrow night.
  4. Sent in an entry to LibraryThing’s Harry Potter Book Pile Contest. Picture me, alone, in my back yard with all my Harry paraphernalia, taking pictures when our renter and two of her friends that I do not know walk through the gate. Yes, I am the crazy landlord.
  5. Looking up the name Hermione in the Baby Name Wizard (very addictive baby name web site) to see how popular it is. It’s not popular? Hmm…how much will a theoretical, unborn daughter hate me if I name her Hermione?

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owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

7 thoughts on “Post-Harry Blues

  1. I think the idea of you taking pictures in the backyard and being the crazy landlord was possibly one of the more amusing pictures I’ve had for a while.
    I’m afraid if I took a picture of mine, I’d win the crazy award for multiple copies of the same title… Of course, it does sound like a fun thing, so maybe I should do it anyway. I wonder if I could get Brina to cooperate, she would make a lovely cat-McGonagall.


  2. Christy, happy to be of service! Do you order more than the UK edition? Do you collect in all languages? Just interested – Telfer and I saw a Welsh-edition of Chamber of Secrets at a used bookstore that we almost bought…


  3. When she becomes a reality, more than theoretical, she WILL hate you! 🙂 But, it’s interesting to see you investigating names!


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