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  • received:  my first batch of moo calling cards yesterday. Upload (also easily integrated with flickr if that’s what you use) your digital images and in less than a week, these cute little cards come to your doorstep.  All for $20. Picture on the front, contact information on the back.
  • reading: Stephen King on J.K. Rowling’s Ministry of Magic in Entertainment Weekly. Hands-down the best Harry Potter coverage and criticism I have come across.
  • reading: Well, finished reading. Eclipse, the 3rd book in the Twilight series. Human girl in Western Washington. Her boyfriend is a good vampire and her best friend is a good werewolf. Both are in love with her. And, to top it off, the author is a Mormon, mother of three, and claims Stephen King novels are too scary for her. Love it.
  • craving: Tart n’ Tiny’s. AKA: doll meds -ahem, Alyssa and Elizabeth. Does anyone know where I can get these? I don’t want to spend $10 on shipping BUT I will buy in bulk.
  • anticipating: Diana Krall @ the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday night.

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owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

4 thoughts on “Preoccupations

  1. I love Diana- wish I could make it by Saturday night. I may have to look at the cost of a ticket for the weekend 🙂


  2. I am liking these moo cards and trying to come up with multiple reasons why I need some. Any suggestions? The only people I see every day are awkward 17 and 18 year olds – should I be giving them my contact information??:->


  3. Once you find those cute little candies, let me know so that I can get some for your nieces! They would LOVE them too. Your b-day present is on its WAY! Love to you.


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