And, a vacation

what to take what to take
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The ticker tape running in my head this week:
Why, why am I taking a two-week vacation as school is starting and we are truly in our busiest time of the year?

Ah, because, I love a resident. I literally have one more thing to cross off my work to-do list and in a couple of hours will have most of my personal stuff done as well. Yeah!

Tomorrow morning we are off to NYC to visit Eleanor and Molly for a couple of days and then we are going to spend nearly two weeks in Eastern and Central Europe drinking espresso and eating lots of pastry. We’ll do other things as well but you know, I haven’t eaten lunch yet and espresso and pastry sounds about as good as it gets.

And now, the dilemma. I can’t decide which books to take. Look at the stack above and a quote below. Any comments? Make ’em quick as we leave in the morning.

All tourists cherish an illusion, of which no amount of experience can ever completely cure them; they imagine that they will find time, in the course of their travels, to do a lot of reading. They see themselves, at the end of a day’s sightseeing or motoring, or while they are sitting on the train, studiously turning over the pages of all the vast and serious works which, at ordinary seasons, they never find time to read…
-Aldous Huxley, ‘Books for the journey’ (1925)

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2 thoughts on “And, a vacation

  1. My books for the trip would be … Persuasion (love it), The Haunted Bookshop (sounds intriging) and The Namesake (on my list to read).
    Have a wonderful trip! I expect lots of pictures upon your return.


  2. ah, eastern and central europe for two weeks. i’m seething with jealousy. and i’m so relieved that i will actually get to hear the first hand report in a few weeks.
    seriously. oh, and take austin. and probably dracula, seeing as it’s central europe and all…


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