Pictures are up…finally

at Prague castle
Originally uploaded by telfandrea.

Yes! I finally got our pictures up on Flickr (click on the little flickr badge on the lefthand side of our blog)! Be prepared: There are nearly 200 posted and I only put up about half of the total amount of pictures we took. And, for some reason, they aren’t in chronological order. Which is annoying.

Telfer took 99% of our pictures. Also be prepared for a lot of random, very nerdy pictures of me.

Our trip could not have been any better and we saw and did so many amazing things that it’s a little difficult to know exactly what to post about…so I think over the next few days (starting to feel better now but still blowing my nose every five seconds), I will do several mini posts about our big travels.

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Andrea Y. Griffith

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2 thoughts on “Pictures are up…finally

  1. i have accomplished NOTHING this morning because your pictures are so wonderful! i can’t wait to hear the stories that go along with them.


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