4 thoughts on “Bob & Erin’s Wedding

  1. Great recap — it was exactly what I needed too. Thanks for sharing the pictures! I love the pictobrowswer. I’ll have to give it a try.


  2. Beautiful wedding! Love the colors of the wedding, Spokane, and everyone inbetween:).
    Note 1: I enjoyed pictobrowser because I didn’t have to “leave” your blog to view the pictures…
    Note 2: I am remembering another beautiful Spokane wedding in which we were given the charge of creating a “candle scape” in remembrance of the grandparents…I realized then why I was not a wedding planner…how about you?:)


  3. Ah… so close but so far! One of these days I WILL see you here in Washington! I may have to wait a few years but I know it will be! :0
    I like the pictobrowser a lot it’s easy to “use”. I hadn’t seen a set-up quite like that before and of course you just click on each picture! Uh duh! My question is how you find these cool things all the time Ms. Techie. So does this mean flicker is outdated? I’m so behind the times.
    Oh, btw, I see secret garden on your booklist. I read that when I was a kid and LOVED it… Oh, and also I read Same Kind of Different as Me from you new years summary and I LOVED it! Wow, what a story… and true too. Oh my.
    Thanks Andrea!


  4. It was so awesome to have you guys be a part of our big day! Erin and I both appreciated the efforts you made to be there, and we’re hoping for an opportunity to come down to Cali sometime to catch up more “one-on-one” (or now “two-on-two”!)


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