Spring Happiness

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The weather is a bit warmer these days. We have eaten dinner outside on the patio twice in the space of one week which, for me, is the mark of spring. My roses, so heartbreaking to prune back in January, now have little tiny buds all over the new branches.

My sister Elizabeth flew down last night to spend the Easter weekend with us (He is Risen…you know what to say…). Tonight we are going to take her to Yard House for beer and appetizers (obviously, I will not be partaking of one of those options). Telfer is working from tonight to Sunday morning so I am beyond thankful for the company of my sister.

Thank you for all your kind words in response to our big news. We are obviously quite excited. So far, and I ALMOST feel bad saying this, but I have felt really good. At almost thirteen weeks, I am just hungry and still really tired. Two weekends ago I was at the store and suddenly needed dill pickles and salt and vinegar kettle chips…my only craving so far!

One more thing: Henry figured out how to jump on our bed unassisted yesterday. I gave him a bath in preparation for his Aunt Elizabeth’s visit and came out of the bathroom to find a wet dog whirling around all over our clean bedding. Naturally, I took a picture.

wet dog
Originally uploaded by telfandrea.

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5 thoughts on “Spring Happiness

  1. I hope you 2 have a wonderful time without your 8-month along PG sister…:) Nate has a cold and when he wakes up from his nap, hopefully, we will head to Welches for the weekend. Please do not have too much fun without me…Love to my sisters!


  2. Not too sick, craving salty foods, Hmmm… Must be having a boy! At least thats what they told me! 🙂
    We love you so much and are so excited to see you at Claires wedding and introduce Alyce to her newest cousin! Did you know that if a baby is under the age of one they can communicate with another unborn baby? OK, so I made that one up but at least she could pat your tummy! 🙂
    The Florida Griffiths


  3. A little fixated on the Yard House here – I hope you can still have the enormous California Roll – a trip to the YH would be devastating without it. Hugs to Elizabeth and Andrea! Alyssa – can’t wait to see the newest McMullan! Praying for you and her safe arrival.


  4. Hey! Congratulations on your pregnancy! Mine was much the same – very easy the first couple of months. The only challenge I had was the hunger. I’d say to Craig, “Let’s eat. I’m starving.” And he’d reply, “Oh, yeah, when we’re finished with the yardwork, we’ll go in and make some pasta.” I had to clarify that when I said that I was hungry, I meant LET’S EAT NOW — RIGHT NOW. Otherwise, I would start to feel a little sick and progress into feeling really sick to my stomach. The cure for the queasy feeling? I hate to admit… a Big Mac. Settled my stomach immediately. Enjoy the little things that make you happy, and take care!


  5. you have good taste
    just saw that you have the same ikea bed-spread as me! the strings of beads in blues/greens. very fun, no?


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