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Prepare yourself for a really nerdy book post.

Has anyone heard of

It’s received a lot of press lately (albeit in the stuff I read…). Here’s the description from the site:

At BookCrossing, you can register any book you have on the site, and then set the book free to travel the world and find new readers. Leave it on a park bench, at a coffee shop, at a hotel on vacation. Share it with a friend or tuck it onto a bookshelf at the gym — anywhere it might find a new reader! What happens next is up to fate, and we never know where our books might travel next. Track the book’s journey around the world as it is passed on from person to person.

As you can imagine, the whole idea captivates my imagination. Last week I "registered" and "released" two books into the wild. I left a copy of A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf on a bus stop bench in Loma Linda next to the hospital and a copy of On Beauty by Zadie Smith on a bench in the commons at University of Redlands. Obviously I need to work on my creativity…two benches? I can do better than that.

The rub in all of this is no one has actually registered the books that I dropped on the book crossing site. Ah, well. I am going to D.C. for a conference at the end of the month, so maybe the readers there are more enlightened than in Southern California? I could always just leave the book at Missy’s house with entreaties to register the book on the site so I can have the excitement of a book found.

a little zadie smith
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5 thoughts on “Book Crossing

  1. I love the concept of BookCrossing– I’ll have to register and leave a book somewhere. I’ll let you know if it works.


  2. I wish I could find one of your books! Can you imagine what a treat it would be to find a random book waiting for you? However, I think I’d leave it be and say, “I bet they’ll be back for that!” I just got Reading like a writer for 5.95 at B&N on the sale rack. Love ya!


  3. If you are tired of leaving books on benches, try bathroom stalls. I’m sure someone will find it in there!


  4. what is austin talking about..? You aren’t going to FL, are you?
    I like the idea a lot…but you should almost have to leave some explicative little bookcrossing bookmark in there that explains the concept..with a part sticking out that says “No, wait, this is for you!”…or something like that.
    p.s. nana said dinner was perfect, wonderful, etc.


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