Andrea Goes to Washington

washington monument
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So, I have been a really poor blogger lately. The end of April and the beginning of May was a little on the busy side for both of us. Telfer attended a weekend conference in Seattle while I spent a week in D.C. at a conference. I was home for a day and then we both flew to Boise for Claire and Nate’s graduation at NNU. The next day we went to Prineville to spend time with Alyssa, Nate, Eden, Cora and Neva. We flew home and twelve hours later Telfer flew to New York for a fellowship interview at Columbia. Whew. Telfer bounces back really fast but I am just now recovering. Blame it on the pregnancy, right?

Anyway, my trip to Washington was fabulous. I stayed with Missy and Jason one night and their little house is just as cute in person as it is on their blog. We enjoyed good food at their house and at their favorite restaurant (is that fair Missy?), the Lebanese Taverna. Missy and I went to the Folger Shakespeare Library and the independent bookstore Politics and Prose. Yes, we continue to be English majors well into adulthood. I had a great week in D.C. at the conference and even met Burton, Tracie, Eleanor and her friend Melanie at a Ethiopian (you eat with your hands, dipping bits of bread into little mounds of lentils, curry, vegetables, etc.) restaurant in D.C. So fun.

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