Book Club Surprise

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Last night my book club had a surprise baby shower for me…and I almost didn’t go. How bad would that have been? Yesterday I was so tired after being gone for a week and I am working until 10:00 PM (long story) for the first three days this week. I called to say I didn’t think I could make it…but after talking to two of the girls, I felt guilty and decided to go (narcissistically,  I got the idea that one of the girls would be really upset if I wasn’t there…).

I walk in and surprise[!] all six of them (Lisa, Sarah, Wendy, Kourtney, Belen & Shan) are already present.  We had a lovely dinner* and I received wonderful baby gifts (covering all areas of need: books, clothing, bath products, and storage containers – what more could a baby want?). We even talked about the book a little.

The last two years have been marked by a mass exodus of good friends out of Southern California and after spending time with my sisters & sisters-in-law last week, I came back home a little depressed. The thoughtfulness and kindness of these girls met a definite need. Thank you again!

* Shan made the most amazing gazpacho – the recipe is linked. Seriously the best I have ever had.

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