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Last week Telfer and I went on our last trip home before baby (um, in 7 weeks, yikes). The whole time I was in various airports (Ontario, Portland, Pasco, Seattle) I kept thinking about how it will literally be at least fifteen years before air travel is uncomplicated again. Watching several moms with with babies and toddlers just made me tired. Who knows? Cate could be a little traveler…but then again she could be a little screamer. We shall see.

I spent a few quality days with my parents, sisters and nieces in Richland before being picked up by Telfer to attend Claire and Nate’s wedding in Olympia.  I’ll post a few pictures – there are lots more off the Flickr link.

This picture is outside of Anthony’s in RIchland – we went out for a nice dinner to celebrate birthdays (Dad’s, Elizabeth’s and mine).

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