5 thoughts on “A Self-Portrait

  1. Hello Andrea! I have been peaking in on you for a while now and I could not resist commenting for this simple reason: WHOSE FEET LOOK THAT AMAZING WHEN THEY ARE CARRYING THE LOAD OF A 9-MONTH BABY-IN-UTERO????????
    You look great. (would love to see some prego photos!!!


  2. Your ankles aren’t the least bit swollen! We are so excited for you…we just keep checkin’ in hoping for big news! Glad you are relaxing. Hope labor and delivery go smoothly. We miss you!


  3. I’ll so glad everything has gone so well for you — I’ll be praying for you in the coming days! Can’t wait to meet Ms. Cate.


  4. Hey, My baby is in my lap so I can’t type much but hope you’re holding in there. Checking every day to see if Cate is still on the inside or if she’s made her big break! Get in some relaxing for me too.


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