And the postpartum drama continues

two weeks old today
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Last Monday I felt great, really great. The spinal headache was gone, Cate was doing good, we all even went out to dinner. No one told me how HUNGRY breastfeeding would make me.

But then on Wednesday afternoon, I walked Cate into her room to change her diaper (meanwhile Henry is loudly stalking a lizard in the dining room – we still haven't found it…) and started to bleed heavily. Like grisly-murder-in-our-house type of bleeding. Fortunately, Telfer was on his way home and we immediately went to the hospital. I had a D&C to remove a little leftover piece of the placenta, which honestly, wouldn't have been that big of a deal except that I began hemorrhaging after the surgery and lost half my blood volume. Two blood transfusions, one night in the hospital with a fast-food eating roommate, a husband who couldn't stay in the said room and a breast-feeding baby left us pretty discouraged at the end of last week.

Again with God's timing…Mendy's visit coincided with most of the trauma/drama and she has been absolutely invaluable help, as has Telfer (who had to forgo a professional trip to Florida this weekend). Today I feel pretty good: I am showered and dressed and I think we are even going out to lunch with Chris and Mendy to celebrate Telfer's birthday (tomorrow). I am so thankful for so many things. God is good all of the time.

There are lots of new pictures on the flickr link. Cate is getting chubbier and naturally, we think she is the cutest baby in the world. And she is getting a little cranky at the moment so I had better go…

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8 thoughts on “And the postpartum drama continues

  1. I was so glad to hear that you felt well enough to get out of the house for a little while. We are praying for you and glad to hear that you are slowly getting your strength back. Cate is SO CUTE…I cannot wait to meet her and hold her! She will look so tiny next to her big 6-month old cousin! Happy birthday to Telf! We will call him soon…


  2. So happy for the update – lunch out!? Isn’t it amazing how something so normal is so important?! You are look really good Andrea, and Telfer, happy that you are finally one year closer to 30 (of course we will all have it down by the time you and Paul make it). And of course Cate, she is getting cuter by the day. I love you guys. Praise God for giving us what we need, exactly when we need it.


  3. andrea, i’m so sorry things have been so rough! i love that God comes through with help when we are down. i hope things are going better…and i love that cate is cuter than ever.


  4. She is by far the cutest newborn! For me to say baby would be disloyal to Alyce,although she is getting more toddler like every day!
    I don’t think we went out to lunch or dinner till Alyce was about 6 months old! You are brave! 🙂 Of course we did get chinese takeout from across the street a number of times!
    I am so glad you are feeling better and hope to see you soon! I was close to tears when we didn’t get to visit last saturday.:(


  5. So scary! I’m glad you are feeling better. You’ve been on facebook a lot so you must be ok 😉
    And Cate is pretty darn cute! 🙂


  6. Hi Andrea! Wow what a scare! You are so courageous and upbeat despite all this! Cate is a doll, and Telfer, you’re a great dad! What a wonderful family. Thanks for the blog updates and all the wonderful pics!


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