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Cate won't actually be able to vote until 2026 (!) but she still scored the envied "I voted" sticker (being so cute helped). I was a little worried about voting yesterday after hearing all the "I-waited-in-line-for-six-hours" stories but literally, my voting experience last seven minutes, car door to car door.

We had a classic Telfer and Andrea election results party last night. Ridiculous amounts of cheese and carbohydrates as well as a fine wine we broke out for the occasion. Watching Obama win last night was a night to remember. It gives me faith in my country (and puts a kabosh on the plan to move to Canada if the night had gone another direction).

Anyhow, hopefully all of you still love me after the last comment. In other news, Cate and I were at a local baby store buying another hat (she needed a brown one) and the sales clerk mentioned that the store had a baby scale in back. The girl weighs in at 9 lbs! So tell me this moms: how come hardly any of her 0-3 month clothing fit yet (pants are too long, onesies are too long & too wide)?

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6 thoughts on “The election and other news

  1. Owen practically started out at 9lbs and was still too small for the 0-3 month clothes. So, yeah, give her another pound or so… Sorry. Especially when some of those 0-3 month clothes are so cute and you can’t wait to put her in them and have them fit!


  2. Wow, what a night! Can’t wait to see the new puppy :>. By the way, you might have been in a little trouble if you moved to Canada – but it would have been fun to visit. Glad you are sticking around. Another thought – Cate’s bath pictures crack me up – she looks pretty unimpressed with her parents bathing skills :>.


  3. Hi Andrea and Telfer!
    Thanks as always for the wonderful updates! I still love you because I would want to skip up to Canada as well if the election had gone the other way! Hey, I’m not even that far away! It was a great night…
    Take care… and btw, Cate is SOOOO cute!!


  4. Josh & I also had ‘Canada Plans’ so you two would have had some company up north. We stayed up all night (east cost time!) watching the returns on Tuesday and were both so very, very happy. Josh wore all blue to work the next day with a Democrat bowtie. It is good to know we are raising the next generation of liberals. Thats one of the major reason I had a child in the first place! Glad you are all doing well.


  5. I was hoping Cate was a political junkie. We went to a fabulous party, complete with champagne. On a school night. Happy mothering!


  6. Hi Andrea,
    Cate is so cute! I think my mom told you that Ellie wore the same outfit on Halloween. She didn’t get an “I voted” sticker because we voted absentee, but she did wear her “Babies for Obama. Yes it IS time for a change” onesie with pride on election day. And you’re right about the 0-3 month clothes. They’re gigantic!


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