‘Tis the Week of Christmas

second tree!
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And there's lots happening at our house…well, not a lot, but just enough to be fun. 

As of last night, we are now on our second Christmas tree of the season…our first tree was literally dead. Yes, we watered it. Telfer was a little embarrassed to be seen in the neighborhood wrestling a second tree into the house but it is so worth it. And regardless, we like the second one even better!

henry loves elizabeth
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Elizabeth came for the weekend. After a looong drive down from the Bay area (I-5 was closed due to weather and then she got stuck in LA traffic, yes, it's as bad as they say), we had such a jolly time baking, walking, drinking coffee, watching Little Women and Elf, and all the other things sisters do together. I love her.

yulekage bread
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As one component of our baking extravaganza, I attempted my mom's yulekage recipe, one part of our family's traditional Norwegian Christmas breakfast. Last year my attempt failed spectacularly, but this year! Success! So good. I sent a loaf home to my parent's house with Elizabeth…we'll see what my mom thinks.

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2 thoughts on “‘Tis the Week of Christmas

  1. The Jula was a week old when I taste tested…BUT it was VERY, very good! Job well done, Andrea! Dad and I are proud that you had success….


  2. You need to get a fake tree. Seriously, there is nothing better. They are pre-lit, you can put it up as early as you want and take it down as late as you want, it won’t die, you don’t have to water it, it’s not a fire hazard, it saves money in the long run, it’s eco-friendly, and you don’t have to vacuum up those needles the whole month of Dec. Have I convinced you??? 🙂


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