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We’re having a pretty good week around here, besides the fact that Cate thinks 5:00 a.m. is an acceptable time to wake up for the day. Last night, after much discussion, we staged an intervention which basically amounted to (for you more sensitive ones out there, cover your eyes) letting her cry it out a bit. She “slept” off and on until 6:45. I seriously obsess about all things sleep now.

Mostly don’t have much to say but thought this picture should be on the front page of our blog because the baby is cute and chubby – a devastating combination.

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8 thoughts on “Chubawaba

  1. What a darling! Chubby and happy like Alyce!
    Alyce gets up most mornings with us to fix Austin’s lunch and feed him breakfast before sending him out the door,(This week that has been at about 4:30am) and then goes back to sleep till around 7. I think the morning adventure helps and she loves saying goodbye to Daddy in the morning!:) Better than me loosing an hour of sleep and her waking up nice and early and rested! 🙂


  2. Do you think she’s just hungry? Gaylia and a couple other of my friends said their babies needed a bottle at about 5 every morning and then would go back to sleep. Seems like her chubby little tummy could be pretty empty by then!:)


  3. Don’t feel bad about the crying. G is required to stay in bed til 6am no matter what because anything earlier is just wrong. She’s a smart girl and she’ll learn (and teach you) what she wants and what she needs.


  4. Andrea, after reading the others’ comments and giving this serious thought, I think she’s just doing this to upset you…and she has caught on to how cute she is, so she thinks she can get away with it..the Telfer-thing is an act abetted by the Telfer-mouth. But it’s not okay. I’m going to bring this up with her directly at our next meeting in a few days.


  5. i just got a good look at her right arm, and “sausage links” suddenly made a lot of sense to me as a descriptor for the first time.


  6. I was waiting for someone to comment on the arm – Eleanor you beat me to it! How many elbow crevices can one little are have?! And of course none of this could be said if she wasn’t so stinkin’ cute.


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