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Cate and I had such a long day yesterday – nearly a twelve hour day for three hours of flying – but we're here in Richland safely. Due to a fuel issue we missed our connecting flight into Pasco but thankfully got the last seat on the next one. Cate did really well for the most part but it's not something we want to repeat… She is anticipating the arrival of her cousins later this afternoon!

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owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

3 thoughts on “Trouper-baby

  1. Andrea:
    I felt so bad after dropping you off at ONT, and back at work, tracked the flight on the internet. Your 737-400 was late leaving Seattle to turn around at ONT. I watched the further delay on the ground at ONT, and when I saw the ETA to SEA, I knew you wouldn’t make the 4:45 Pasco connection. Argh! But you could figure that already. You flew right over Lake Tahoe, but you probably didn’t have a window seat. Hope Cate slept. Yes, a long day.


  2. Flying is certainly more adventuresome with a baby! Alyce has done really well on our couple trips but I sure am worn out by the end!


  3. Just letting you know that my mom and Jayme are in agreement that Cate is the cutest little thing!!! I get more and more excited to see you both in april. Hope you time in Richland was rich!! Love ya


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