The Breakdown

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Witness the plastic monstrosity that is now in our home. We had lofty ambitions of a life without ugly plastic toys, but you know what? I need to be able to take a shower without tears.

We finally broke down and bought Cate an excersaucer (ridiculous name) and she loves it…My mom and sister are laughing about now.

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owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

6 thoughts on “The Breakdown

  1. I’m giggling too – this is also the dream I had for myself. So you’re telling me it is not going to happen…


  2. I can so relate! I used to secretly look down on people who’s houses were full of ugly plastic baby structure but have long since fallen in love with them! I can’t imagine life without my jumperoo and baby swing! She is too big for them now but the next one will be needing them soon!


  3. It will be an asset if you start a day care. Especially when it starts to look old. Makes you look like an experienced and established provider.


  4. ANYTHING to shower in peace! I get it. We are now at the stage where he’s growing out of it. We wonder, how many minutes of peace equal keeping the “plastic monstrousity” in the house? At only 5 minutes a week now, maybe it can graduate to the garage?


  5. Yes, the exersaucer is great!!! Enjoy all the big plastic things, it makes it that much better when you get to purge high chairs, exersaucers, swings, etc…..It’s like gaining a lot of sq. footage without moving!! 🙂


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