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The Griffith Move 2009 is underway. Our house has been in escrow for well over a week and while you can't be sure until the very end, our appraisal went well on Saturday (which was the last thing we were worried about). The young couple that is buying our house love all my paint colors which, in turn, makes me love them.

We are slowly, and somewhat painfully figuring out all the details. Turns out, this is quite a complicated endeavor. Figuring out how to get part of our stuff and our little family from Point A to Point B is well, tricky. And, the buyers need to move in on June 1 which moves everything up an entire month. Telfer finishes his residency at the very end of June and also needs to be in NYC to start his fellowship at the very end of June. Figure it out they say! So, pray for us.

I am doing better than I was two weeks ago. Two weeks ago I was absolutely overwhelmed and couldn't concentrate on anything. So, what did I do? I searched for a plastic tray that fit into a wicker basket and organized all my makeup. The plastic tray holds daily products and lifts off to store products I don't use often but still need. I realize it's not much, but at least one small area of my life is under control. We may not have an apartment in NYC but I can find my eyeliner easily. Small victories.

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6 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Love it — it really is the small things in life! I’ll be praying for you as you start the transition, pack and anticipate NY life.


  2. First: I totally, totally relate to small victories. One look at my pantry will attest to how control in the small areas of life (i.e. pasta) somehow spreads to the more dramatic areas (i.e. the trash can that is my desk.)
    Second: I cannot believe you are moving east so soon! I don’t know why I thought it was fall, but June! June, hooray! This one is excited to see you again!


  3. nice work. today the guy cutting my hair asked me if i’d cut my own hair last, because of the missing patches of hair in a few spots….


  4. You and Cate both look beautiful in the green chair! Sunshine, chubby legs, oranges, and organized make-up…what more could we want? Of course the couple loves your paint colors – we would definitely not like them if they felt otherwise. Praying for the final details…


  5. It will all work out!! I know moving cross country with a wee babe is no small feat, but it WILL come together. Finding an apartment in NYC can be challenging so let me know If there is anything I can do to help you find a place. I’ll keep you guys in my thoughts that everything goes smoothly with the sale.
    xoxo molly


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