We are here and settled in for the most part! The trip went smoothly – Cate and Henry both did marvelous on the plane. We stayed the first night in a seedy motel and moved into our apartment on Monday morning.

We settled in just before Telfer left for Southern California to attend the funeral of his beloved Papa. The weekend here in NYC has been good. I am still figuring out how one manages stairs, stroller, dog on a leash and keys all at once. Making serious headway. Henry finally showed some spunk at the dog park last night and Molly came over for takeout Thai and Tri-Cities wine. This morning Cate and I walked all over Morningside Heights and Columbia University. Beautiful. Goal for next week: taking the baby on the subway by myself and getting Internet in the apartment. I love my iPhone but it can’t do everything…

Published by Andrea Y. Griffith

owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

3 thoughts on “Settled

  1. You are amazing…I am not sure I could do all of that! I can’t wait to see some more pictures of your apartment. Love to all 3 of you!


  2. Happy for the update – was thinking about your “first” weekend in NYC – sounds like it was pretty darn good (minus Telfer being gone). Lots of love from the west coast:).


  3. YAY! You are living the city life!:) I would say leave dog at home occasionally for your adventures until you get the lay of the land!
    How exciting!


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