cate and telfer
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My goals today are pretty slight: mail a package, read Cate a few books, take a shower, you know, big stuff. Telfer’s main goal today, anything but slight: take the anesthesia boards.

All of the tests for the last three years were practice for this particular test. After the written test today he will take the oral boards most likely in the fall and then will finally, officially become board-certified. I think we should have a party. Tonight, anyway, we are going out to an early dinner with Cate and Henry. There is a restaurant in our neighborhood with a generous patio and fabulous pizza.

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One thought on “Goals

  1. Hope Telfer’s tests went well! I have a few goals myself these days mostly about painting! I finished the sewing room (Yellow) and am done with the first coat of paint in Alyce’s room (Light spruce blue) and of course getting dinner on the table tonight is a must, painting done or not! I am trying a new recipe for Kung Pao Chicken!


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