Rose and Robert in NYC

mom & dad with cate
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This is so overdue. What I have done this week? I haven't been too lazy but I certainly have not accomplished much.

Mom and Dad stayed an entire week with us – Saturday to Saturday. Telfer also had the week off and it actually felt like a long visit/long vacation – but in a good way. No scary in-law stories here.

We packed a lot in one week – we did the Circle Line Cruise of New York Harbor, including the Statue of Liberty, saw Mary Poppins, visited the Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, went to the Bronx to the "real" Little Italy (a story in of itself), had lunch in our neighborhood, walked through Central Park, Times Square, the West Village, Greenwich Village, the South Seaport, and finally, ate our collective body weights in carbohydrates (pretzels, bagels, pizza, black and white cookies, scones, hot dogs, the list goes on). So much fun. And! Telfer and I took turns and kept Cate pretty happy and well-napped throughout the week.

Cate *loved* spending time with her grandparents. For a day or so after they left, she would wake from a nap and look around for her Grandma and Papa. Soon we will be closer and their presence won't be such a novelty.

One more thing: I wrote that Telfer and I were going to a Brandi Carlile concert the night my parents came into town but Mom ended up sleeping so much on the plane that she wasn't tired at all so she came with me instead (Telfer doesn't really like concerts – weird – he probably overdosed on dcTalk and Audio Adrenaline back in the day). I am telling you: if you get the chance, go see Brandi live. You won't regret it. 

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