Post-Christmas Blahs

present from papa and g-ro!
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We had such a good Christmas with Telfer's family. This is Cate opening one of her presents from my parents. It was a lot of people (9!) in our small apartment but it didn't feel like too much. We had brunch and opened presents and then met some of Tracie's family at a restaurant for dinner. A New York kind of Christmas.

After Christmas, everyone left, and all three of us got colds. Cate's has been especially bad, the sound of her cough would break your heart. I took down the tree and all the rest of the decorations. It's really cold. Telfer's working a lot. In short, I don't much like the first half of January. Is that depressing? I think I am coming out of the blahs a little bit though. Today I talked to my mom, mailed several packages, wrote ten thank you notes, made a couple of needed phone calls and finished organizing closets and drawers. Tomorrow I might even pull out my label maker. On the rebound.

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One thought on “Post-Christmas Blahs

  1. oh, I so feel the same way. Jason finally took it upon himself to unplug the Christmas lights, since we are on the verge of becoming THOSE people in the neighborhood. Maybe you need to come hang out for the weekend–it’s cold here, too, but we have a fireplace…


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