Blizzard 2010

I feel like I am living in the middle of a snow globe at the moment. And Telfer's gone this week at a conference in a sunny locale. He said this morning he felt guilty sending me photographs of palm trees. As well he should. A snow day with a 16-month old isn't exactly restful. 

Here's how we are coping:

Of course I made soup. We are really into this potato-leek soup

Henry still needs to go outside twice a day, no matter the weather. This is our street at about 7:30 this morning. The snow was so beautiful and the wind hadn't kicked up yet. I hate wind. I got my fill of it growing up in the Tri-Cities. Henry has learned to do his business in the snow and for that I am grateful. We decided to make the trek to our favorite bagel place. We were literally the only customers. The lack of people on the street was absolutely eery. 

The librarian in me decided to pull out every book we had on snow and read it to Cate after she woke up from her morning nap. I was definitely more into it then she was…

Then the mailperson brought me my latest Indiespensable box from Powell's Books. I have been subscribing for about a year. Every six or eight weeks they send you a box with a featured title, this month is Shadow Tag by Louise Erdrich (signed, in a slipcover) as well as varying surprise gifts. This month I felt very lucky: a galley of the new Lionel Shriver novel, a red Powell's journal and a box of treats from a local Portland bakery. Words cannot describe how much I love this program. I view it as an investment [picture Telfer snorting].

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6 thoughts on “Blizzard 2010

  1. Andrea – I have never heard about Indiespensable! It looks/sounds great! I am currently in one of the worst semesters of my teaching career. At this point, today, I really feel that I DESERVE this! I’m bringing the idea up to John tonight as a ‘sanity-saver.’ Hopefully he’ll go for it?


  2. sympathy is exuding from my corner of the world! though keeping jason entertained is nothing compared to keeping cate entertained–all he needs is a good video game and hockey on tv…


  3. Why, as an Oregonian have I never heard of this? I must support my state! Now I know exactly what I will be getting myself for my birthday next month. Stay warm! I’m in Oregon right now and all we have is rain, my favorite weather.


  4. i can’t believe i didn’t post about indiespensable before this! Sarah and Angele – you should definitely subscribe – I look forward to hearing how you like it!


  5. I love how Andrea views her books as an “investment”. I keep telling her they are much more of an investment in happiness and thoughts and experience and learning etc – but she holds on to the idea that someday, just maybe, she would actually be willing to sell some if they “were worth a lot of money” (now picture me snorting again i guess)


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