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Yes, we found a house to buy in Olympia. We suspected this was the one, but you never know until you actually see it. The house is within walking distance to downtown and is a few blocks away from the elementary school we want our kids to attend. Pretty exciting. It needs a lot of work. Both bathrooms and the kitchen will need to be gutted eventually but we have learned that paint is a really good place to start (and more affordable than major remodels!).

We forgot how involved buying a house can be and when you add the distance and the time change…well, things have been hopping around here.

In other news, Chris and Mendy are coming for the weekend and then Mendy stays on until Friday. We are looking forward to a good time with them. Oh, and we find out the gender of the baby tomorrow (19 weeks already). I hope I can sleep tonight…I am that excited to know.

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3 thoughts on “Productive

  1. Leslie – I know -we seem to try to do a little too much all at once…by this time next year things will have settled down…
    JR -yes! South Capitol on Maple Park Ave. We are so excited! Your house would fit right in…


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