One Month Left

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This is my favorite picture of Cate and Telfer right now. We went to the Central Park Zoo with Eleanor, Grammy and Gramps and Cate, as you can see, is a fan of the zoo. She loved feeding the animals in the petting zoo and watching the penguins swim. Perfect little zoo for small children. I will take her one more time before we leave.

So, two pieces of fabulous news.
1. We are having another GIRL. Aren't you surprised?! I KNEW it was a girl…and that's what we both were secretly hoping for. Also, the ultrasound indicates that I am around six days ahead of what they originally thought which makes my due date October 2. That's good news to a pregnant woman!
2. Telfer passed his oral boards and is now a board-certified anesthesiologist. Nine years of marriage, nine years of training. All good years. We are thankful he's [almost] done though!

We had a wonderful time with grandparents in New York. Mendy and Eleanor babysat one day while I headed to Ellis Island. Lovely, lovely day. Cate loves her aunt and grammy.

I finished a lot of moving and house and insurance details last week. Choosing movers is a time-consuming process. My favorite moment: telling an unnamed moving company my email address (includes my first name and then librarian) so he could send me a quote and getting the response: "are you a stripper?" Um, no. We went with another company.

Telfer worked yesterday and all through the night so he's home taking a nap (so is Cate). Later today I am headed out by myself for a bit. Trying to decide: go to MOMA or get errands done that I can't usually do with Cate. Fun errands though (fabric store, bed, bath & beyond, a furniture store in a dance studio in mid-town). Decisions, decisions.

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2 thoughts on “One Month Left

  1. oh i missed this..obviously i’m behind, but still..
    i was sitting next to you one time when you had to slowly repeat and spell out “librarian” multiple times. maybe “andreagriffith” is still available.


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