The Usual

in a neigbhorhood health food store
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 What's been happening the last couple weeks? 

Telfer, who is usually very healthy, came down with a nasty case of strep throat. The first round of antibiotics did not take so days later, he was still feeling horrible. Poor guy. He missed four days of work (I don't think he's ever missed a day at the hospital?). We can laugh about the drama of it all now, but at the time, kind of stressful.

While Telfer was sick, we had a big "discussion" about the propriety of dairy-based food products when ill. I am completely against, Telfer doesn't think it matters. Any opinions?

Anyway, I was at a health food store about two blocks away picking up a NON-DAIRY fruit shake for Telfer when I spied the Loma Linda "Big Franks" fake meat on the shelf. Can't get away! I will say this though: we had an anesthesia dinner last night at a restaurant and I was so thankful to eat meat at a doctor-type event! Eight years is a long time to go vegetarian at endless dinners. The wine even flowed…

Elizabeth arrived on Sunday and is staying until we fly out of the city (June 30). It's so nice to have her here. She's enjoying the city and doing remarkably well finding her way around. We haven't packed a box yet…yikes! We also close on our house next Friday…

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6 thoughts on “The Usual

  1. I wouldn’t avoid cheese or anything – its too good – but I would definitely go without milk or cream if I had a cold or something. It makes it worse….for me. But then I have this chronic sinus congestion, and basically if I drink milk or eat cold cereal with milk in the morning, I almost through up from coughing and hacking so much. Normally I just cough and hack a medium amount – which is fine. One of these days I’ll get holes drilled in my face to fix it and that will be nice. But for now – milk makes a cold worse.


  2. So exciting you’re really moving back to WA! Closing on your house! It looks so cute in the pics you posted!
    I happen to like Loma Linda Big Franks, and don’t like meat…. although I do love cheese… maybe the dairy while sick question is individual? Everyone is different kinda thing? So maybe there is no answer? If I had to vote though, I say dairy while sick is a bad idea… 🙂


  3. I’ll have to read that article Eleanor linked. For me – this time my throat was very sore but I wasn’t coughing, no cold symptoms, and not phlegmy either. Fruity stuff was burning my tonsils badly due to the acidity, while milky stuff was more soothing. Maybe its individual AND depends on what you are actually sick with?


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